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Catalogue 105 - Autographs & Manuscripts

Catalogue 105- Blog entry #1

We just had our first look at printed copies of the new Catalogue 105: Autographs & Manuscripts. You’ll be getting yours soon in the mail. (Or go here to view it on-line.)

This is a big one. We’ve been unpacking, sorting, and cataloging our way through a large collection of Americana, literary, and Presidential autographs that we purchased last winter. This catalog is the first fruit of our labors. We catalogued down to the last minute because we kept discovering new things that deserved inclusion. Then when we thought all was wrapped up and ready for the printer, we added an addendum with nine more items. (Some of the best items in the catalog — like this, and this — are here. Make sure to read all the way to the end.)

Some of the highlights, and my favorites, include an incredible MLK letter announcing a victory in the struggle against racism, a pre-revolutionary Che bumming around South America, confidential notes delivered to FDR by his secretary Frances Perkins on whether to instigate deportation proceedings against labor leader Harry Bridges, and a philosophical letter from a young McKinley writing from a Civil War camp.

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