A Watercolor that is Certainly Smug

The title of this watercolor is humorous to say the least. Richard Barrett Talbot Kelly’s ‘The Smug Dragon’ is a depiction of a wingless dragon slumped over a log with its limbs splayed out to the sides. Its smugness radiates throughout the watercolor especially while making eye contact with the viewer acting as if it […]

Little Seamaid

Does the warmer weather have you dreaming of days by the sea? This pen and ink on board drawing of sea maidens frolicking in the waves is a beautiful representation of the work of Louis John Rhead. Rhead illustrated editions of: Robin Hood, The Swiss Family Robinson, Robinson Crusoe, The Deerslayer, Treasure Island, Kidnapped, and […]

Is Spring Far Away?

Due to expect another frosty night here in New York City, therefore it is time to hope for spring’s arrival. What better way to wish for sweet smelling blossoms and greenery than to enjoy these watercolors by Emma White? This album of 42 highly accomplished amateur watercolors of flowers — including the double oleander, tiger lilly, […]